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Alerion XMT Point of Sale Software
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With today's longer rental times and your customer's busy life, getting the movies returned on time can be troublesome. Do you want to be the hero in your customer's eyes, or how about just being proactive in helping the customer avoid the dreaded words "Late Fee?"   Learn more.

Alerion XMT Retail Application

Alerion XMT is an add-on product to the Alerion point-of-sale system that gives you backoffice tools to help you in your business.

SQL Data Store
Both Alerion XMT and POS utilize a SQL database.

Remote Access
XMT can be installed at a remote location and can connect to your local SQL database. No more remote desktop, simply login to XMT.
Backoffice Tools
You need a features that help you manage your inventry behind the scenes. Learn more about these features.

Marketing Tools
Stay in touch with your customers through the email system.

With XMT, you can drill down through your information and know what's going on in your business. What's making you money and what's not.
New analsys tool -Title In/Out History.
Get more done before noon

Get More Done Before Noon

Who wants to spend all day in the office pouring over data?

Alerion XMT will help you get the information you need fast. So you can make decisions and get on with life.

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