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Feature Highlight

The auditing system keeps a watchful eye over your business by tracking certain activities that go on during the day.

Auditing Editor 

The system tracks the date, time, employee, and the type of event. Here are some of the events that are tracked:

  • AR balance edits
  • AR item deleted
  • Bulk item deleted
  • Cash drawer history edit
  • Customer delete
  • Customer reward delete
  • Customer reward manual issue
  • Gift card deleted
  • Rental item status change (manual)
  • Rental item delete
  • Merchandise delete
  • Rental copy moved
  • System event (data / time change)
  • Transaction line item remove

Spotting Trends

While any of these events can be explained by themselves, where they can harm  your business is when it is a trend. XMT helps you narrow down your search for these trends so that you can take correctiveaction sooner.

The sooner you spot an employee problem, the less money you are likely to lose.

Auditing an Employee

XMT makes auditing an employee simple. You can choose which employee you want to audit, select the data range you want to see, and choose which types of events you want to see. Then, you will be presented with a list of all events that fit your filter.

Status Dashboard

The status dashboard gives you a broad picture of your business and will print you the number of alerts that may warrant further investigation.

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