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XMT bar code printing Alerion XMT

Feature Highlight

The bar code printing system in Alerion has been taken to the next level by giving you the ability to create your own bar code layouts, use various sizes of labels, control what prints on a bar code, and even have XMT assign bar code numbers.

Auto Numbering

You can have XMT auto assign ID numbers for your clients, rental products, and merchandise.

Many retailers  auto number clients and rental products and only print bar codes for merchandise that does not have a product UPC (clothing is an example).

Auto ID Numbering 

You decide which database you want to auto number, set up the minimum digits to print, decide if you want a prefix or suffix, and your ready to go.

Bar Code Printer

The bar coding system uses the Zebra 2824 bar code printer.

Bar Code Settings

Each database (customers, rental products, merchandise) has its own set of bar code layouts.

Program Settings 

Bar Code Label Layout

You design the layout and control what information is put on the barcode, what position and the font size.

Bar code label layout 

Fields You Can Use

Most of the fields in the rental product and merchandise data base can be placed on the barcode. Here is  list of some of the more common fields used on bar codes.

  • Category (genre)
  • Department
  • Director
  • Format
  • ID Number / UPC
  • Location
  • Price Code (New Release, Catalog, Childrens)
  • Rating
  • Retail Price
  • Run Time
  • Section
  • Shelf Location
  • Store Number
  • Street Date
  • Studio
  • Theater Year
  • Title (description)

Multiple Layouts

You can create multiple layouts using different fields and even different label sizes. Labels can be used for more than just affixing to the product you could use labels for shelf talkers or providing additional information on the case.

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