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The XMT distribution system is designed for retailers with a central warehouse and want to distribute items to their locations.

Inventory Fulfillment

The first part of the equation is to find out what products each location needs. The inventory fulfillment feature looks at a store's inventory levels and builds a list of items needed based on the products' reorder points.

Sample Inventory Fulfillment Worksheet 

The fulfillment worksheet will indicate the quantity in your warehouse, the quantity needed for the location,  the number that can be transferred,  and the quantity to order.

Once you are ready to process the worksheet, two things happen:

  1. An inventory transfer is create
  2. A purchase order is created for items needed

Inventory Transfer

When you process a fulfillment worksheet, an inventory transfer worksheet is created. The life-cycle of an inventory transfer worksheet is:

  • Creating - When you first create what items will be tranferred.
  • Picking - When your warehouse staff picks the products to be shipped.
  • Transit - When the products are picked, and shipped to their destination.
  • Complete - When the products are received at the destination.

Sample Inventory Transfer Worksheet - Creating 

Sample Inventory Transfer Worksheet - Picking List 

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