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Feature Highlight

The email system in XMT will help you stay in touch with your customers. In today's busy lifestyles, sometimes the only way to reach someone is through email/text.


Most of the email functions in XMT allow you to design your own message. Whether in HTML or text format, getting your message across has never been easier.


You can narrow your customer list by their purchasing habits. For instance you may want to send a coupon to customers that have spend very little in the last two months. Or perhaps you want to reward your top 25 customers with something special.

You set the time frame you want to look and and choose which revenue source you are going to use:

  • Total revenue
  • Rental revenue
  • Merchandise revenue
  • Rental product sales

Customer bulk E-mail 

AR Balance Filters

You can use this filter to include or exclude customers that owe you money (from late fees or AR items). For instance, you may be sending out a coupon for a free rental and do not wish to send the coupon to customers owning money. Conversely, you may want to send a message to only customers that owe you money.  

ar balance filters 

Returning Rental Product

You can use the email system to remind clients that they have overdue. You can set the standard customer filters and minimum and maximum days over due. For example you may want to exclude customers with a rental item over due by only one day.

Email Sample 

Overdue List Email Attachment Sample 

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