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Remind Your Customers Through Texting

Help remind your customers when rental product is due.


With today's longer rental times and your customer's busy life, getting the movies returned on time can be troublesome. Do you want to be the hero in your customer's eyes, or how about just being proactive in helping the customer avoid the dreaded words "Late Fee?"

Now with Alerion XMT's Due Inventory Reminders feature, you can send a text message to your customers the day their rental product is due in your store. You may also opt to send a notice the day before the rental items are due. What better way to help your customer get those hot renting titles back in your store so another customer can enjoy it and you can collect another rental fee.

The notices are not just limited to texting. You may have some customers that simply don't want to receive a text from you. That's ok. This new feature can also send emails to those clients that don't want to share their cell number.


The message that you send is customizable, but remember, you want to keep it short and simple.

You can put this feature to work for you by using Alerion XMT. XMT is an add-on to the base Alerion Point-of-Sale system and gives you tons of tools to help you in your business.

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