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Feature Highlights

Auditing - You'll gain a feeling of security with the watchful eye of the auditing system.

Analysis - Getting the right information out of your software is vital to your success.  

Bar Code Printing - Design your bar code layouts the way you want them.  

Database Import - Getting product information into your system has never been easier.

Database Export - Export your information to .CSV format.  

Purchasing - Identify the products you need to reorder to place orders with with your vendors.  

Physical Inventory - Utilizize data collection technology to easy taking inventory.  

Email Clients - Stay connected with your customers.

Field Replacements - Easily update information in your database.  

Commissions - Modivate your staff by providing a commission system.  

Distribution - Getting products to each of your locations just got easier.

Features List

Operating Systems and Architecture

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • SQL Data Store
  • .Net 2.0/3.5 Framework
  • Local Area Networking
  • Wide Area Networking [Over Internet]
  • Remote Data Store Access


  • Coupon redemption system
  • Flexible due times/dates
  • Grace periods
  • Holiday pricing
  • Multi-level pricing matrixes
  • Pay on return pricing
  • Rental rate adjustments
  • Specific ADR (late) fees
  • Unlimited categories


  • Barcode printer configuration
  • Check-in grace periods
  • Closed days
  • Employee commission schedule
  • Multi-level tax rates
  • Report printer configuration
  • Rentrak Compatible
  • Tax ADR (late) fees

Rental Product

  • Actor search
  • Automatic ID numbering
  • Bulk copy editor 
  • Eight copy status types
  • Export rental data to CSV format
  • Flag items for rent, sale, or both
  • Import title information via the internet
  • Multi-volume tracking
  • Purchase order system
  • Search by title, genre, and format
  • Title in/out history
  • Title profit calculator 
  • Unlimited formats, ratings and vendors
  • Unlimited genre categories and actors


  • Authorized renter search
  • Automatic ID numbering
  • Bulk email marketing/notices
  • Detailed customer purchase history
  • Email interface
  • Export customer data to CSV format
  • Fingerprint ID
  • Full color photo ID
  • Membership barcode printing
  • Multiple search fields
  • Over due inventory email generator
  • Purge utility
  • Text and email reminders for rental items due.
  • Tracks times late


  • All rented inventory report
  • AR billing statements
  • Auditing report
  • Best/Worst customer listing
  • Crystal reports engine
  • Customer accounts receivable report
  • Data gathering
  • Due today report
  • Employee commission report
  • End of day reports
  • Export to text, CSV, HTML
  • Mailing labels
  • Merchandise count sheets
  • Merchandise department summaries
  • Merchandise reorder report
  • Overdue inventory report
  • Overdue letters
  • Performance by format, pricing category
  • Print customer ID barcodes
  • Print merchandise ID barcodes
  • Print rental product ID barcodes
  • Rental products sold report
  • Slow renting inventory report
  • Title listing report
  • Top renting titles report
  • Turnover report (merchandise)
  • Weekly performance report


  • Automatic backup system - local
  • Bulk inventory delete (rental product and merchandise) 
  • Custom barcodes
  • Customer mass field change
  • Customer merge
  • Database Import
  • Dashboard
  • Inventory transfers
  • Merchandise mass field change
  • Offsite backup interface (add'l service)
  • Rental product mass field change
  • Rental/Merchandise physical inventory


  • Detailed item sale and purchase history
  • Companion Sales
  • Export merchandise data to CSV format
  • Fulfillment and centralized distribution
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Life purchased figures
  • On hand quantity
  • Purchase order system
  • Reorder point
  • Stocking level
  • Unlimited departments and vendors
  • Volume pricing


  • Commission reporting
  • Customized access per employee
  • Employee auditing
  • Employee personal information
  • Fingerprint Login (ID)
  • Individual employee access
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