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The purchasing systems in XMT helps you to identify what products you need to reorder, placing an order, and receiving the products into inventory.

Identifying What You Need

For reordering merchandise, you have a couple methods at your disposal:

  • Use the reorder point and stocking level to compute what is needed.

    reorder points
  • Simply list what has  been sold to identify what you need to order.

While using the reorder point and stocking level is more traditional, retailers with volital product lines sometimes find it easier to simply view what has been sold. In either case, XMT will help you with getting products into your business.

Reorder Report

When using the reorder points, you can quickly run a report for items that need to be ordered. The report will show you what you have on hand, what is currently on order, the reorder point, restocking level, and how many you should reorder.

Reorder Report 

Sold Inventory Report

When you use what you have sold to indicate what you should purchase, the merchandise inventory sold report will provide figures based on a date range.

Merchandise Sold Report 

Purchase Orders

To create purchase orders,  you can:

  • Manually create an order
  • Have the reorder system autmotically generate the purchase orders

Sample Purchase Order 

Receive Products

When you receive products from your vendor, you can either:

  • Scan the product's UPCs to receive them
  • Receive the entire purchase order

If you have items that do not have a UPC, you can print product bar codes while you receive the items.

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