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How does it integrate Alerion XMT

How does Alerion XMT integrate

Alerion XMT and Alerion POS are two separate products and are accessed through their own program icons. Yet they work together giving you powerful tools that can have a positive impact on your business.

How does XMT integrate

The Alerion POS product is your front-of-house application where your clerks conduct daily point-of-sale activities (sales, rentals, returns).

The Alerion XMT product is your back office product where you or your manager conduct behind-the-scene activities (purchasing, distribution, customer marketing, data analysis).

Where is XMT installed

XMT can be installed on any of your computers on your network where access to the features of XMT is needed.

Where is XMT installed

XMT can also be installed on a remote computer, say your home, and can be configured to look at your store's date base using an Internet connection, configuring your SQL server, and forwarding a port on your router.

What about the data

Even though XMT and the POS application are separate products, they share the same database. When you make changes in one application, it is reflected in the other.

What about the data

In addition to sharing the Alerion POS database, XMT has an extended database that houses information specific to XMT.
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