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What is Alerion XMT Alerion XMT

What is Alerion XMT

Alerion XMT is software for your retail or rental business and works in conjunction with Alerion POS.

Alerion Software

The XMT and POS relationship

XMT is an add-on product to Alerion POS that gives you more features to run your business. The POS software is where your clerks conduct their day-to-day activities (renting, returning, selling). The XMT software is where you do management functions (purchase orders, data mining, emailing customers, auditing, and inventory fulfillment).

Alerion Software

What XMT can do for you

Adding XMT to the Alerion POS software can help you:
  • Spot renting and purchasing trends.
  • Identify what products are moving and which are collecting dust.
  • Monitor your employee activities within the software.
  • Stay connected with your customers through email.
  • Create centralized distribution for multiple locations.
  • Import product information from vendors.
  • Help you create a commission schedule for your employees.
  • Gather data from your customers at the point of purchase.
  • Manage data from multiple locations.
  • Drill through the information to make informed decisions.
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