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Who needs alerion Alerion XMT

Who needs Alerion XMT

You are probably reviewing this website because you need or want something different from your business. You may be looking to increase your profits, you may want to be able to take more out of your business personally, or you may be looking to save some time in your daily activities.

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Whatever the case, you are here and you are looking for results. There are many reasons why someone would need XMT, like people that:
  • Want to a program that is easy to use.
  • Want to be able to measure their results.
  • Want to save time.
  • Want more from their business.
  • Want a product that will change with the industry.
  • Want a product that is customer driven.
  • Want to realize their full business potential.
  • Want to monitor employee activities.

What type of businesses

Point-of-sale Retail Video and game rentals
Retail point-of-sale Video & Game Rentals
XMT was specifically designed for two industries: 
  • Retail (POS) industry.
  • Video and game rental industry.

What size of business

Alerion XMT contains features that will help a wide range of businesses.
  • Single store.
  • Multiple locations.
  • Large company with centralized purchasing and distribution.
Small business Large business
Single store Centralized purchasing
While only large companies would use the inventory fulfillment system or centralized purchasing, every size business can benefit from the data analysis tools, inventory management features, and customer marketing capabilities.

Learn more about the features in XMT.
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